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I''m Georgia, I'm all about mindfulness and positvity. ✿


"The Naked Witch" (1961) 
Anonymous: If you wanted to be left alone why write facebook statuses about it im sorry but you're just contradicting yourself. what's writing a status going to get you in life? 

Since when did I have to justify what I write on MY facebook? cretin. I do want to be left alone, It was written after the abuse i had, getting questions constantly criticizing me and what I do. What’s sitting there writing someone abuse and telling them how to live their life going to get you in life? now who’s contradicting themselves? fucking BOOM. 

Anonymous: If your happy with your new bf and all about positivity and free loving whatever why are you still dragging out all this shit. 

dragging what shit out? :-) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I want to be left alone. I’ve had about 3 questions over the course of a few hours once again, and I’ve deleted every one. Question my relationship all you want but I know I’m happy, infact I haven’t been this happy in a very very long time and you will NOT drag me down! I have amazing friends, family and a gorgeous boyfriend, what else could I ask for? Now stop trying to cause shit and just leave me be please! I love my life and apparently so do you, lol

hipsthighsandblueeyes: Golly gosh you are so pretty 😍 

wow thankyou so much! That’s so lovely, especially coming from someone as beautiful as you! <3







Yes, good, correct use of train technology.

This is so cool……

she’s a dragon
she’s a dragon

Reminds me of Skyrim when you slay dragons and there’re all bones.

I want this so bad

If I ever get married, this is my dress motherfuckers

Pumpkin . lOll3 (2014) ☽ Uptown Witches Series ☾

pari corbitt